GEE is the latest book of the prolific author, D L Davies.

A young boy, looking for something to eat; lacking that, something to sell for food. In the process he helps foil a crime; gets himself embroiled in numerous adventures; loses a Father, Sister, and Mother to cannibals (but not all at once), and before the book ends, manages to kill those who killed his family; while creating a varied family of his own. The story ends by explaining the beginning.

Gee is a positive tale about the most negative of scenarios, dwelling in a damaged world. Gee quickly proves a worthwhile protagonist worth getting behind in his attempts to persevere in a decaying society. Gee’s supernatural abilities are only outdone by his depth of compassion. Author D.L. Davies has created a character whose circumstances are tragic but possesses an inner resolve which speaks volumes. Gee has no quit in him, which makes him all the more worthwhile… Gee will appeal to the lover of Fantasy/Fiction as well as dystopian novels and is an excellent read from start to finish. – Philip Zorarro, Hollywood Book Review

What I liked most was the style and language the author used. The conversational style and well-thought-out humor serve a flawless reading experience. The story reminds us that all our deeds will compound and return to us. It doesn’t matter how much we progress; our actions will lead to the destruction of things we once built. Pick this one up to know how the evil deeds of humanity will shape a not too distant future for us.
– The Moving Words Review

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