Facing a Stronger Foe

There are times that you may feel like you’ve already been defeated even before the battle has begun. When you’re up to facing a stronger foe, losing your fighting spirit to the extent of surrender is relatively easy. Attempting to avoid any impending doom, your spirit cower behind whatever cover they can find and leave you in the dreadful predicament you’re in, unsure of what to do. But hear me this, no greater shall be any of your foes if you have the greater hold of your own sanity, spirit, and strength. In other words, if you have stronger control over your own self, no one will be able to surpass you.

“The great Mayan calendar predicted; a child will be born of great abilities, and he will heal nations. We have presumed the healing was of the physical self, of the body, but somehow we forgot there are also healings of the mind as well as of the spirit, and we should not have overlooked that healings can be of all three.” – Cuauhtémoc, Descent of the Sun Priests

In the second book of the Cuauhtémoc series, Cuauhtémoc takes on enemies that exceed their capabilities as a nation. He worked tirelessly to provide the finest defense possible for their territory despite this. In the end, he was able to relinquish all the individuals stained with evil and rid the land of any attacking pirates. 

When seen from a different viewpoint, combat of brute power and no spirit is nothing more than a struggle between two machines. It’s just a quarrel with no emotion, no drive, and no soul. However, no man has ever been considered a failure for battling with sincere motives and a clean soul. Regardless of the outcome of a righteous conflict, it is a struggle waged with one’s desire, his soul. Sooner or later, that man who fights at his will shall succeed in every way possible. In this case, facing a stronger foe would only serve to bolster one’s will to fight.

What Does it Mean if Someone Says You have Potential?

Do you ever wonder what that amazement you feel when you encounter someone that catches your attention? Maybe at ball games, in the theater, or even inside your workspace. The little things people show you, be it at making art, singing, calculating, or even with their speed and accuracy, are just a few of the things that catch you impressed off guard. But what does it mean if someone says you have potential?

Seeing potential in a person means seeing abilities or qualities that may be shaped and molded into something great in the future. With the possibility of being successful and valuable in a particular aspect of life, a potential possesses the initial characteristics to become a great person.

Well, everyone we meet in life has their own version of potential. Potential for a future doctor? A future engineer? And even potential for a future artist! A person with potential is easy to come by.

But what does it truly mean when a person holds potential? How can this be realized into something it was meant to be?

Well, that’s simple. You acknowledge your passion. That potential is within you for a reason, and that reason is passion. Passion drives a person to continue pursuing a specific skill, idea, or goal. Success will be inevitable if you are passionate enough and equipped with the proper support.

But of course, it continuously varies from person to person. One’s success may have a different meaning from another; however, the process stays the same. No success is accomplished without hardship and the downfalls one experience is just a few steps toward his goal.

What does it mean if someone says you have potential? When you start developing this potential into the best thing it can be, you know you have it. No matter what it is, potential coming into reality is something few have dared take into their hearts. Now it is time for you to shape yours, too!

We are Brothers

We are brothers in numerous ways. We are brothers not because of an accident of birth but because we wish it. We attach to both vices and virtues. We connect to nature and the cosmic realm. We only have a few things dissimilar in us; that is, we are of different nations.

Even if we are not the same age, with an intergenerational gap to consider, and that we have different skin tones, height measurements, body build, we have discovered that despite these few things that are not the same, we have the same heart within us for we both love good food, good company, the good life.

For males, the sight of a beautiful girl walking by is always met with ardor. For females, the sight of a handsome boy coming one’s way is met with adulation. The sound of birds singing, the smell of petrichor, the music produced by the wind among pine tree needles – and yes, there is a name for that: psithurism – are some of the things that delight us beyond measure.

The reality of a God, the warmth and infallibility of Father Inti, as believed among Incans, for example, raises the level of our spirituality.

We also share a common hate of evil in all its forms; for example, pirates who raided and killed our ancestors and people; deception and treason hewn by colonizers; the abomination of so-called sun priests. We have far more in common than not; and for this reason, we are brothers.