Doing the Right Thing

When the universe shows signs of chaos and disagreement, little things start to become affected. Just like when the global economy goes up, inflation in smaller countries goes higher as well. From the madly expensive gasoline fuels to the overly priced essential goods, people who have been going by with a simple life to lessen consumable expenses are starting to suffer more and more as days go by.

You will witness how people of power, wealth, and those of great fortune are having grand parties and overspending for luxury while the working class is starting to take a declining step as central market prices increase. You will see how injustice, corruption, and inequality come to Life through influential people, and you will live a life filled with hatred and fear of the things that you know might kill you one day. However, in times like these, we must be men and face the battles that await us. Doing the right thing will never be easy. It takes courage, strength, and will.

Courage. For when you need to stand, despite the terrors that await you. It is the courage to guide you and allow you to see hope that there is still a way to rise despite a tragedy.

Strength. For when you are ready to stand and fight for what you know is right. It is the strength that will get you on your feet to face your due battle. 

Will. For when you are already standing there, terrified, maybe not. For that moment, when you start to doubt the cause you are fighting for. It is will that will keep you going, helping you to keep your heads up and think straight. Will is your spirit, your drive, and your hope.

It is no doubt that when you start doing the right thing, you gain something priceless. You gain honor, prosperity, and security. You earn the respect of those around you and live rightfully with a clean conscience.

Life after the Fall

Do you ever sit and wonder what the world will be 50 years from now? Will you still be alive? Will you be living your Life’s greatest dream and see your grandchildren playing in your house? Or will you be a ghost, floating mid-air and watching your loved-ones grieve for you?

You see, Life does not give you a particular schedule for when you will become successful or when you will lose everything you have in your possession. It will always require you to bargain anything you can to become someone who will make you feel worthwhile or unique. However, not many know the complexity, which sometimes turns to complications, that make Life turn and turn and turn. What about Life after the fall? What about disasters and inevitable chaos? What about loss?

While most carefree people enjoy a good laugh at nightclubs or social gatherings, most people work day and night only to survive from paycheck to paycheck on a monthly basis. While other people? Well, they don’t have it good as the rest of us.

The typical mindset of someone living in the 21st century is focused on the present. Satisfaction and security are all sought with a temporary cause, and only a few strive for a better future.

What is the purpose of humanity? What are we all living our lives for? Will this world become permanently hooked on technological innovations while disregarding the amount of unnecessary waste produced each day? Will the global economy continue to put up with the rising prices of goods and drive poverty into death’s hands?

A saying goes, “What comes up must come done.” Eventually, this rising civilization will be trapped in a ring of fire where every individual is imprisoned within the holds of technological advancement. Then Life after the fall will hit. It will hit so hard that no one will ever see it coming.

A Dystopian World

The world is set ablaze with the flames of death and turmoil. By and large, on all the unfair drudgery and unkind hearts, the threats of corruption and global decline have driven billions of lives into poverty. The future is amid our doorsteps, and the only thing stopping us from meeting our doom is the longstanding fight for what is left of our humanity.

 What should you expect in a dystopian world? Ahh… you must expect the worst, my friend. In general circumstances, a post-apocalyptic reality involves matters of survival and the constant fear of uncertainty.

Survival. When everything crumbles and every source of food, water, and shelter has been demolished, everyone will have no choice but to be a hunter. Just as our forefathers became huntsmen in search of prey to feed their families, Life’s journey will come into a full circle, resetting the world to what it once was, savagery and survival.

Fear and Uncertainty. Accompanying what seems to be a terribly dangerous world, those who have survived for so long will live in fear every day. That constant anxiety haunts every move at every hour or every day, always waiting for something terrible to happen as if nothing is ever secure in dreadful places.

Real-life actions always have real-life consequences. Be they good or be they bad, all our deeds done will eventually pay off in the future… or not. When we live in a dystopian world, we witness and realize all the evil and terrible things that make a horrible present. The results we bring to this planet based on our actions today pose a significant threat. Despite the disregard for the world’s battle cry for salvation from all the inhumane acts we do each day, there is a dark tomorrow awaiting our signal to be unleashed unto the Earth.

by D L Davis, author of Gee

Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things Good

The world we live in is made of both good and evil. The moment we step into the sun and feel the tingling heat on our skin, we know that a greater force is watching and guiding us into every step of our lives. Religions all over the world have a name for this unseen force we know is in our hearts. For Christianity, they call ‘Him’ God the Father. For the Muslim, ‘He’ is referred to as Allah, and for the Mayan empire, Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things Good, is the one of ultimate power that protects them and provides for them the abundance of life.

However, there is always an opposing force to good. Whatever you call the devil, Satan, or whatever other name he goes by, the Foul Lord is present in this world whether we like it or not. He drives all the negative possibilities in this world, trying to destroy all of Father Viracocha’s creations.

“The Foul Lord hates his Creator because the negative energy he has become only holds hate, and not love, so he tries to destroy and pollute all things that Father Viracocha has made. He seeks ruin because he finds no joy except in the destruction of others. He moves mostly among men, leaving strife, sickness, and sorrow in his wake and when he does not have Man to make miserable he causes much evil among all others that also share this world with the human race” -Cuauhtémoc: Deception and Treason

Despite this, it is important to keep in mind that the good always triumphs. For, in this world, good deeds are rewarded far more than evil ones. Life is a constant battle between light and dark, and the light always wins.

Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things good, created the world of flesh and the Foul Lord moved within this world and began to contaminate it with his evil presence and he has twisted what was once pure and beautiful into a place that is now defiled beyond logic.