Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things Good

The world we live in is made of both good and evil. The moment we step into the sun and feel the tingling heat on our skin, we know that a greater force is watching and guiding us into every step of our lives. Religions all over the world have a name for this unseen force we know is in our hearts. For Christianity, they call ‘Him’ God the Father. For the Muslim, ‘He’ is referred to as Allah, and for the Mayan empire, Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things Good, is the one of ultimate power that protects them and provides for them the abundance of life.

However, there is always an opposing force to good. Whatever you call the devil, Satan, or whatever other name he goes by, the Foul Lord is present in this world whether we like it or not. He drives all the negative possibilities in this world, trying to destroy all of Father Viracocha’s creations.

“The Foul Lord hates his Creator because the negative energy he has become only holds hate, and not love, so he tries to destroy and pollute all things that Father Viracocha has made. He seeks ruin because he finds no joy except in the destruction of others. He moves mostly among men, leaving strife, sickness, and sorrow in his wake and when he does not have Man to make miserable he causes much evil among all others that also share this world with the human race” -Cuauhtémoc: Deception and Treason

Despite this, it is important to keep in mind that the good always triumphs. For, in this world, good deeds are rewarded far more than evil ones. Life is a constant battle between light and dark, and the light always wins.

Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things good, created the world of flesh and the Foul Lord moved within this world and began to contaminate it with his evil presence and he has twisted what was once pure and beautiful into a place that is now defiled beyond logic.

Evil Has Many Faces

Evil has many faces. The strong fragrance of forbidden deeds tempts you to give in; evil shows itself and informs you would never have thought it would look like it until it is too late. Imagining one’s happiness is difficult in a world where everyone is expected to fend for themselves. As a result, our mind’s weakness reveals the most heinous of all wrongs.

Every day, we come into contact with a slew of new things and people who have the potential to profoundly impact our lives. But fear not, my friends, for I am about to present to you two things you need to know about the evils that may lurk within your circle:

Evil greets you with a warm smile (yet it slowly drains life away from you)

Looks can lie. The big bowl of unlimited ice cream and the stunning brand-new shoes at the dollar store are just temptations to ruin your future. It is evil that would welcome you happily into its arms and you would never know that it is, not until it has taken a hold of you and you find yourself binge-eating all the ice creams in town and owning a dozen of new pairs of shoes. So always think twice before paying for that order!

Evil knows how to make you say ‘yes’ (and it keeps on doing it non-stop)

It is common for people who want something from you would do anything just to get your approval. And, it is within these types of people that evil resides. The more they want something, the harder they will try to manipulate you and the more you give in, the more they do it. You see, evil cannot be satisfied with just one reward. They want all the possible rewards they could get, even if they do not deserve it.

I’d say not everyone you meet wants to take a hold of you but it is important to know that people are not always what they look like; Looks can be deceiving and evil has many faces. You perfectly know that the world is unsafe wherever you may go. You should be vigilant of your surroundings and be aware of the things you’re taking part in.

A True Brother

In its most difficult times, Life becomes too much to bear even for the strongest person in the world. The struggles of being human are challenges not most of us can handle alone. Adulthood and other significant life transitions can have a profound impact on a person. Life will change and nothing will be what it used to be anymore. Fortunately, the adage “No man is an island” comes to mind. In these times, a true brother stands right in front of us, cheering us on and rooting for our success.

It is common for people to fare this great journey of life in pairs or groups. Some have their family, some their friends. 

Compadre is a noun used for addressing a dear friend, a close one. This Mexican word is greatly used for its intimate meaning which expresses a deep bond between two or more people. A symbol of trust and a symbol of assurance.

There are a lot of dishonest and power-hungry people in this world, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want. To put it mildly, these are some of the most dangerous and difficult to-pin-down individuals. They befriend you and make you feel special. And when the time comes, they destroy or steal everything from you, even those who are most dear to you.

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies, it comes from those you trust the most.” -unknown

A true brother, a compadre, will never do such a thing. Just as Cuauhtémoc is with his four brothers, loyal and compassionate as ever, having such a brother is never far from your reach. A true brother will never betray you and will always stand true to his word. You deserve all things good in this life. You need to know that great things are waiting for your acceptance. Learn to open your heart to those around you and you will know who your brothers are.

A Holistic Life

A person can embark on a long, arduous, and ultimately complicated quest to achieve perfection. The path of least resistance is rare and despite all the repercussions along the way, to be perfect is something that doesn’t come as easily as learning how to walk when you were a baby. Life is filled with all the different possibilities a person could ever think of. But only a holistic life would lead you to your ultimate destination.

What does it mean to live a holistic life, and how can you go about learning how to do so? Well, holistic life is what I call a realized life. A life of awareness and integrity, a life of soothing individuality looking into all aspects of being. Lucky for you, I’ve listed down the different ways to view life in reflection.

Physical view. The physical self is the most obvious one. You always know whenever you feel something is wrong. Feeling sick? Have an injured leg? Looking into your physical being will allow you the benefits of maintaining your bodily health.

Mental view. Your mentality is what defines your personality. The way you think, your virtues, and your principles are what make you, you! Looking into your mental aspect can allow your mind to open up and accept the unexpected.

Emotional view. As important as mentality is, there is also an emotional aspect to things and especially for people. The way you respond to events like change and adversity is how your emotional state is. Knowing what to feel and how to deal with it will allow you to be an established individual who knows what to act, when to act, and why.

Spiritual view. The spirit is as powerful as life is. Your spirit gives you the energy to believe that you exist. Despite all evil that may try to take you away from who you truly are, you ward them off and radiate a strong stand of what you believe in. The spirit is considered your soul. Take good care of it and your soul will become strong.

Social view. No man deserves to face everything alone. A strong foundation is built around a community of trust. You need not put yourself in places you aren’t comfortable with. Just as birds of the same feather flock together, your companions are there to support you. 

This limitless world that knows no bounds allows individuals to give their all in everything that they do. Thus, striving to be perfect is striving to live a holistic life.