Why Salt is Essential for Health

After a devastating explosion in a city, many essential commodities have quickly run out. From soap to clothes and even salt, the world in “Gee” illustrates scarcity and its effect on people.

One of the most desirable items to get is salt. Despite being a common seasoning, it quickly became a rare item when the state had little to no supply of it. It became so rare that potential riots would break out, and the mineral quickly became comparable to gold.

In short, salt is essential to life. Without it, we won’t be able to survive. Here are some ways its essential for our health:

1. Saltiness is a basic human taste. 

Taste buds are taste receptors in the human tongue. These receptors detect five primary flavors: saltiness, sweetness, bitterness, sourness, and umami.

2. It maintains human health.

Table salt or sodium chloride is essential for human health. Its most prominent uses are specifically for nerve and muscle function. Additionally, sodium chloride helps regulate bodily fluids and blood pressure.

3. It helps animals survive.

Humans aren’t the only creatures that require salt. Some animals need salt for improved immune function—trace minerals aid animals like cows in milk production, muscle movement, and blood clotting. Cows with a salt deficiency may experience appetite loss, weight loss, and even muscle weakness which poses a problem to farmers.

Interestingly, animals like deer, goats, and sheep would go to natural salt resources in nature to lick salty rocks to get their nutrients. This instinct shows they even animals understand the value of salt despite not having the words to share it with us humans.

Of course, like most things, individuals should still take salt in moderation. Eating an excess amount of salty foods can cause health problems like hypertension and even kidney issues. While we won’t be running out of salt soon, it’s worth knowing that salt is worth its weight.

by DL Davies

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