What Struggle Teaches Us

Struggling through problems and obstacles is an inevitable part of life. Whether it’s managing finances or figuring out our life’s purpose—we all have something we struggle with.

George Elandier Evansen or “Gee” is no stranger to such struggle. Despite being only ten years old, he has already lived through a series of obstacles that would stress out any adult. Fortunately, his street smarts and special skills aid him in surviving and even thriving.

Unfortunately, not all of us have unique skills like object transference or teleportation. Nevertheless, we do have resilience—which is an underrated human skill. With resilience, here are the lessons that struggle teaches us:

1. It teaches us to adapt to adversity.

Resilience teaches us to keep going even when it gets tough. Humans are not only resilient but also incredibly intelligent and can come up with creative solutions to problems. When we struggle, we become more motivated to find solutions. This motivation shifts our focus away from the pain, and we begin to learn how to adapt.

2. It teaches us the value of resourcefulness.

Problems like scarcity can be harrowing event, but it also provides us an opportunity to be resourceful. Whether learning a new skill or learning from experience, we can always find a way to make things work.

3. We learn how to prioritize.

Limited resources result in limited choices, which allows us to learn about prioritizing. This skill is when we learn to value “what we need” vs. “what we want.” When we know how to prioritize, we understand what we value the most.

4. We become more confident in the face of adversity.

Learning from experiences through hardship allows us to become stronger, tougher, and more confident when a similar event occurs. That is not to say we become “immune,” but that we are more likely to react rationally.

5. It keeps us grounded.

A life full of privilege and perks is enviable but somewhat empty. Think about it: would you have been happy if you had everything you wanted right at your fingertips? Wouldn’t it be better to learn the value of hard work and earn your prize instead? Gaining something you worked hard for is infinitely more gratifying because you know you deserve it.

To struggle is to live life. However, struggling isn’t just an unfortunate circumstance. It could provide a foundation to help us grow. When we give ourselves that opportunity, we become healthier and more grateful.

by DL Davies

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