The Power of Manifestation

Is there a single day in your life that you have stopped thinking ? Our mind, aside from our heart, is one of the hardworking and busiest parts of our body.

It allows us to act, rest, and even do things that we least expect to do.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “A man is but the products of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.” At present, they call it the power of manifestation. The urge to have something which may seem impossible to achieve is within the scope of manifestation. During hard times when we are only left with two options: to flight or fight, we ask ourselves whether things will proceed according to how we plan them to be.

You may do the following to experience the power of manifestation, wherever you are, only when your intentions are pure and will not harm anyone.

1. Think of your goals and try to foresee yourself being in the situation that is the foundation of your call for change.  Our thoughts are so powerful. What we instill is what we fulfill.

2. Remind yourself to train your thoughts. Sometimes, our thoughts are so powerful that they may come uncontrollably destructive which can also ruin us. You can begin with training your thoughts with the way you already set your mind to the kind of end goal that you want to achieve.

3. Embrace good intentions than blindsided desperations. You can only hope for the universe or if you believe in someone omnipotent, to have your situation changed but never change the situation through inappropriate ways as influenced by desperation. When you manifest, good intention is a great foundation. The kind of energy that you are allowing yourself to think and feel will reflect the consequence that you will receive after manifesting. When you are blinded with desperations, you are embracing energy that will not resonate with being “hopeful”.

Manifestation is a power you willingly associate yourself with because you are hopeful, not desperate. In unraveling the power of your thoughts, you must not let immorality hinder them.

by D L Davies

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