Young Love

Can love be ever subjectively defined or just associated with a kind of feeling that is unique between and among people? With the aid of digitalization, the present style of conveying love between the youth is through generating virtual expressions. There is a difference between personal and virtual declarations of emotions, which lead to questioning intentions. Have you ever experienced a young love or are you experiencing one right now? This discussion is just right for you.

The association of love with mere emotions that cannot be explained and often goes out of random is in itself broad. You have to remember that love can either be platonic or romantic. Sometimes, it begins with attachment, fondness, and constantly seeking attention, until it grows into either something conditional or unconditional. Reciprocity as an element to complete the whole concept of “love” is common among the youth. Where on extends an effort to make you feel his love, you should also do the same even if you do not feel similarly, as a sign of respect may be. However, this kind of concept confuses the young generation today. Have you ever questioned the love given to you because you feel like it’s too childish or “young?”

There is no such thing as young love when two people put a label on the kind of feeling they are experiencing and have shared with the other person. Young love is considered to be insincere, a waste of time, and often inappropriate for conservative communities or a household. This kind of love allows you to explore your capacity in giving love to yourself and others, in the most youthful ways. At present, unlike the traditional arrangements where one can certainly know that a person is in love through the expression of letters and the declaration to endure waiting when one is not ready, young love just grows in different dimensions.

You cannot prejudge yourself to have not fallen into love just because it was childish, immature, or young. When you feel it, that’s it. You just need to acknowledge that young love will eventually help you grow.

by D L Davies

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