How to be Innovative

The line, “your imagination is your only limit,” may still be true while you are still young. When a person grows up, not only did his physical appearance develop but expectedly, his way of thinking too. In a globalized society where interconnectedness makes things easier, how will you become innovative?

Being innovative is not just the capacity to be creative. It also means thinking outside the box and exploring things that can address existing issues present in society. An innovative person notices even the simplest things around him. By creating a substantial awareness and interpretation of the world around you, the only limitation is how far can your innovativeness leave a positive impact within your community.

1. Observe and listen.  The only consistent thing about the situation and people around you is their changing nature. A society’s population increases or decreases but either way still affect the situation; contributing to poverty or unemployment for example. When you observe and are keen on the changes around you, the possibility of thinking of various ways to either alleviate or simply influence changes over situations that cause problems, is limitless with innovation. In addition, when you listen, you are allowing yourself to understand the urgency, necessity, and practicality before you decide what you can do.

2. Ask questions.  Roaming around your community or doing surveys can help you be more equipped for your current needs. Asking questions will help you formulate new ideas or even just improve them. Innovation does not have to be grand, it begins with seeking solutions by asking questions that will direct you to your motivations in doing something that can impact the lives of other people in your community.

3.Accept change and be resourceful.  Your adaptability and acceptance to change, can influence other people if you do it the right way. When you plan on changing something, you have to be accepting that change is something that most people are afraid of. Even with this kind of awareness, continue to be resourceful and address these changes.

To become innovative, one must think to inspire and positively influence the lives of other people.

by D L Davies

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