Working Hard vs. Working Smart

When can you say that someone is working smart or working hard? The distinction between the two would more likely depend on how you define someone’s actions. Sometimes, work culture affects your perception of how should you also live your life; whether smartly or hardly. The following are the differences between a hard worker and a smart worker.

The work culture in every country varies. For example, the karoshi work culture in Japan is dominating the ways workers do their tasks. They either combine the idea of working smart or harder, just to adapt to their country’s work standards. Regardless what age, workers have to exert further efforts as part of their commitment to their work duties that require overtime work. However, for other countries such as in US and European countries, the work culture is flexible. Workers can choose to work full-time or part-time depending on their preference. Now, what is the difference?

Working hard will mean doing the following:

  1. Juggling two or more works to make the ends meet;
  2. Working even with a low rate as long as it pays;
  3. Compromising personal time sometimes

Working smart will include doing the following things:

  1. Doing part-time work and thoroughly applying for jobs that pay well
  2. Not committing to only one work but exploring alternatives in search of a good work compensation
  3. Aware of the level of difficulty of every task, you will choose to do hard tasks first

Between the two, you are entitled to assess your style as a worker. Whether you work hard or smart, there are always advantages and disadvantages. Yet, you must instill the value of still having a life while doing work in-between. While compromises are inevitable despite differences in work culture and your style as a worker, to have these qualities in working meet halfway will possibly result in a work-life balance that every worker should have. Balancing personal and working time means being both a hard worker and a smart worker.

by D L Davies

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