Turning Brokenness to Blessing

What makes life worth living is its duality. At one time, it turns out to be perfectly fine then all of a sudden, it will break you. Either way, how do you convert or repair something that has already been ruined or broken?

In defining brokenness, it could go to many aspects. From family, psychological, social, or even in the socio-economic context. The heartwarming thriller fictional story, Gee, presents ideas on how the character turned brokenness into a blessing. From a broken family, affected mental well-being, a destroyed environment, and a challenging socio-economic setting, the book discusses all of them.

When you feel broken, it will usually take a long time to accept it. The usual first reaction would be: “Why me?” Asking this kind of question will then lead to other self-doubt questions that will eventually destroy you. A family that is broken, for example, has no guarantee that it will be completely formed again. A relationship that is broken, whether platonic or romantic, similarly cannot be guaranteed that it can be harmoniously attached again. Mental health that has been affected has no guarantee that will instantly get better. A society that has been suffering from some problems, is also not guaranteed to go back to its normal setup.

Nothing is guaranteed. When things are broken, the perspective on fixing them may get overwhelming. However, you can turn this feeling or situation of brokenness into a blessing by being patient and taking action.

1. Be patient.  You cannot instantly fix it or you may not be able to fix it anymore, but if you will be patient with yourself and the people around you, slowly you get to appreciate that it happens for a reason. It is a redirection.

2. Take consistent actions.  Begin by doing something consistently in order to turn what seems to be non-repairable or broken into something that will redirect you into bigger things. To remain stagnant in one situation is a choice. But if you consistently take action, you are in the process of rebuilding.

by DL Davies

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