Signs that You are a Streetsmart Person

Do you consider yourself smart? If your response is no because your ratings in school are average or just a standard within the border of a passing rate, then think again. Normally, other people’s perspectives on smart people are based on how well they do in class. But, don’t you think life in itself is a long-term commitment to being in class?

Water Well Journal has defined a street smart person as someone who can apply practical ways to solve difficult situations.

Similarly, in the fictional story, Gee, the main character is undeniably a street-smart person despite his young age. The book even gives signs that the boy is smart because he knows well the basic and practical queries regarding product prices, locations, and others.  By practical, it means the familiarity with how things are done within your community. For example, when someone asks you where to buy cheap cardigans and you are able to suggest a place that you know and explain a bit why you recommended it, you can be considered smart—in a street smart way. The following are the other signs that you are a street-smart person:

1. Familiarity with the WH questions on every matter involving society.   Without having to refer to books or from online news, your familiarity with the when, what, where, and why questions, is a sign that you are a street-smart person.

2. Ability to simplify things.   With complex concepts sometimes, others may choose to not listen or be eager to understand. If you are able to simplify the issues of someone you know, by providing answers that will make them understand better, you are smart. Oftentimes, being too theoretical may lead to misinterpretation and a lack of interest in those who would want to learn.

3. Can articulate slang terms used within your community.   For explaining terms that are not normally used, you are smart.

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