The Motivation of the Young Entrepreneur

Between being a worker and an owner, what will you choose? If you want to have financial freedom and security, you may choose to risk starting a business. Everything requires investment. Is it then possible that you can start being an entrepreneur although you are still young?

For example, one thing that can be learned from the inspiring fictional story of the book, Gee,  everyone can start having their own business. The main character of the story, a 10-year-old man, has become successful. Firstly, it starts as an innocent pursuit to have something on the table or something to trade, then spirals to him being considered an entrepreneur. The following are the ways to motivate an aspiring young dreamer to become an entrepreneur:

1. Determine necessity.  This is true for both personal and social levels. From a personal perspective, this entails the questions on what you and your family needs that haven’t been solved yet. For social, this includes assessing what is lacking within your community. From basic needs, transportation, or the trends nowadays— digital services. When you determine necessity, you go directly to the demands of the consumers, which is the first best way to motivate yourself to start a business.

2. Do your research.  Doing a thorough search or having an in-depth understanding of something, isn’t just about being in the world of academics. In starting a business, doing your research is important. This may include verbal or personal research by interviewing people or online research to gain a far better understanding of your determined necessity whether it is possible and what are the foreseeable disadvantages.

3. Find people who will support you.  After you are convinced that your determined necessity will indeed require a marketable solution, doing your research will then lead you to seek people who will support you. Even giving constructive feedback is a sign of support. This may also include people who might be willing to fund your business.

by DL Davies

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