How to Stay Hopeful

When in a situation where you are torn between continuing and taking one step backward, what do you usually do? Oftentimes, others will choose to ask for signs and wait for hope to come from the universe. On the contrary, some would opt to be their own hope. With silent battles and unique reactions to fighting them, to remain hopeful is quite a challenge. The following are ways to stay hopeful.

Regardless what age, hope is taken subjectively. Your ways or standards on what can be considered an indication of hope differs from the others. Hope can be as simple as an encounter with a homeless man who offers you a single apple. Despite disadvantaged situations, other people may have made you feel better along the way. Like the inspiring fictional story, Gee, a 10-year-old man, introduces ways how to become hopeful despite life’s challenges. That book encourages everyone, of any age, to stay hopeful no matter how hard life may get.

You may begin by reflecting on your life’s journey and how far you have already reached. Usual reasons why an individual loses hope are due to an unexpected turn of life events that may result in self-doubt whether you are still on the right track within the scope of your plans. The thing is, some plans are meant to be unfulfilled.

You may also try counting the positive aspects of your life’s decisions. While too much optimism may destroy you, a little bit of positivity can make you stay hopeful. By instilling optimism, you get to convince yourself that it is not at all dark or hopeless.

End self-doubt and begin believing in silver linings. Truth be told, no one can persuade you to feel better rather than yourself. After all, no one understands yourself better than you. By putting an end to continuous self-doubt, you are filling a room for yourself to see silver linings with the hope to motivate yourself to continue.

by DL Davies

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