Construction from Destruction

When renovating your house, what must be thought of first? Some would think firstly of the new designs while others may think of destroying existing arrangements and materials. Mostly, to continue with a transformation, you must consider that some destructions are necessary contributors for further developments or innovation. Destruction can either be taken as a setback or a comeback to far more enduring construction.

Some things may not make sense in an instant but they will eventually do once the changes have appeared to be helpful. Like the introduction of changes in the intriguing fictional story, Gee, the destruction of communities and existing practices that are seemingly outdated for the demands of the evolving world. The book provides an interesting point on constructing something from a destroyed setup. It relates to the concept of modernization, renovation, and evolution. You may have your routine or habits right now, but change is inevitable.

In 1945 after the World War, people united to gather ideas on how to rebuild each nation and bring back lives safely. And up until today, people are still constructing ways to prevent the possible another World War or the onslaught of climate change. Rebuilding is always involved in the process. The construction of new and improved ideas remains unstoppable as destruction has become apparent. 

You are an engineer of your life who is tasked to consider destruction as a necessary contribution to construction. Embracing the resiliency trait may not be an easy choice to take but it is a hard way to ease situations. You can never revamp anything without destroying something.

“…There are three kinds of people in the world. Them that go out and make things happen; them that stand around and watch; and them that stand around and scratch; unaware anything is happening anywhere,” an eye-opener quote from Gee that initiates construction to make things happen.

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