Kindness Earns Respect

The idea of fairness is still unfair, as it differs per person. Unlike kindness where the idea is producing good results even if it will cost you. Morality remains to be a complicated matter since, by nature, its discussion is always relative. But being “morally correct” or being kind, earns something?

Hard times and conflicting issues that may drive you to do an action you personally dislike are often considered excuses for a bad attitude showing lack of compassion. For George Elandier Evansen known as “Gee”, the 10-year-old main character boy in the fictional story, Gee, a difficult situation is not an excuse to poorly treat or take advantage of the vulnerability of other people. He helps behind closed doors and uses his resources for good purposes. These then resulted in older people applauding and respecting him. The book supports the idea that kindness can significantly earn something, and that’s respect.

Kindness may just be as simple as giving food to stray cats or informing your new neighbor about the news of wild animals roaming around your area. It is an act that is not expected of you but you do it because it’s basic human decency to be good regardless of whether they will also give something to you in return. Expecting may lead to disappointments, but kindness is always directed to the area of earning respect. Although not everyone will subscribe to this idea. Even if unshared and untold, the way people treat and look up to you is a sign of respect. For instance, when you give food to pets on the streets, the next time you see them, they will either wag their tail or come near you which is indicative of respecting you.

With everyone having silent battles that they are fighting daily, the least you can do is to be kind. It earns something such as respect. Good things come to those who do good without expecting anything.

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