Maturity is Ageless

At what age did you start believing that your decisions are getting more mature? It’s tricky because most of the time our mind deceives us. Can age also deceive maturity or vice versa? Sometimes we do things we consider to be impractical or immature, but for the other people around us, it’s the other way around.

The discussion on maturity coming from a young boy is repeatedly presented by Captain Taylor, a side character in the fictional story, Gee. The book obviously presents different reasons to believe that maturity does not come with age nor does age dictate the capacity to be accountable for one’s actions. As the cliché line goes, “Maturity comes with experience.” This statement is not to discredit the scientific points on relating age with the brain functions to decide according to their increasing age and growing perspectives in life. This is to discuss an alternative point that others might disagree with.

When you were in high school, what was your standard for success and satisfaction? Does it include passing all your subjects or winning competitions? Whatever they are, it does not matter. Just like everyone else, you have your story to tell and understandably, humans have unique standards in life. During that time, you may have considered yourself just immature. However aware and definite on how you consider your life decisions and actions, there are still people out there who applaud you secretly, because they perhaps have a different view on how you see yourself.

Ageless is not even the full concrete adjective to describe what maturity is. It will remain subjective and dependent on the way others view your actions. Some will factor in age as the determinant, but for a few, they see different factors to consider your maturity. Between your standards and other people’s measurement of maturity, you should listen to both and try to meet them halfway.

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