Being Resourceful During Scarcity

Do you wonder how humans remain adaptive to the needs of the changing world? For instance, a socioeconomic crisis like inflation can slowly ruin people’s lifestyles yet humans remain optimistic about the way they handle the situation. From the prices of the products and the availability of basic needs, if resources are limited, is survival guaranteed?

Although nothing is truly certain in this world, the interesting point of uncertainty unravels plenty of ways to survive. Making the ends meet is the primary goal and similarly a motivator for breadwinners in the family. Like the breadwinner in the tale, Gee, which tells a fictional story of a young boy who has become a breadwinner and a rising trader in their community at a young age, scarcity is proven to be a challenge for him. Yet in the book, the young boy continues to become resourceful by maximizing his gifted capacities.

No one is born an instant resourceful kind of person, but everyone can always practice how. Normally, it begins with understanding your situation. This covers your environment, the people around you, or the economic status within your community. Your awareness of the problem will then lead you to critically determine what you can do according to your skills or capacities. If you cannot seem to figure out what you can offer to help, then observe and roam around. By doing so, you get to have a first-hand view of the different opportunities that you can pick up while on the verge of finding things. Like in experiments, observation is the foundation.

The windows of opportunity even in the middle of scarcity are better viewed when you realize that being resourceful does not mean having financial abundance. Every breadwinner, like the young boy in the tale of Gee, always starts by acknowledging that resources are limited and so as their capacities, but the imagination and innovation of the mind remain limitless.

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