The Age of Information

There once was a time that technology did not rule over anything in this world. No computers, no machines, and especially no internet. Everything that is making things easier today was basically non-existent at that time. Families fed off of their own farms, long-distance communication took longer, and nature kept happily providing for everyone on this planet. It was a time of tendering care and love toward focusing on the environment and one another. But then, a new era came. A generation of technological advancement and machinery. 

The people back then were living lives free from fast-traveling information or from any kind of complex technology to use at home. And when technology set foot into the phase of advanced innovations, the world changed dramatically. Then surfaced what we term the Age of information which spanned across the time of advancements and development in the world. In this blog, I will be talking about the three significant leaps humanity has achieved within the shortest period of time.

Multimedia Age

Talking about the mode of communication, being described as the multimedia age is a reflection of how we create, utilize, and consume various faces of media in our daily lives.

Social Age

The term, Social Age, refers to how diverse social connectivity has become. From online relationships to virtual communities, anything is possible with the aid of modern-day technology!

Big Data Age

The term, Big Data Age, interprets how devices can now hold large amounts of data compared to the initial models. Tech brands such as Apple, Samsung, and many more are now capable of producing tiny intelligent devices with the ability to assess, collate, and store data.

The Age of information is sometimes referred to as the Computer Age or the Digital Age. As its name suggests, the present is flooded with technological machinery that is commonly utilized in each household. Inventions such as computers and artificial intelligence have allowed daily human lives to be simpler and quicker.

“Ah… imagine that; who knew that this would be our future?”

by D L Davies

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