The world is filled with terrors arising from the actions of men. The adults that were always expected to do the right thing in service of humanity are going against the law of nature through greed and lust. Taking advantage of things that are easy to manipulate with the horrible labor conditions for the working class is going rampant amid the crises we are all facing. 

When the COVID 19 pandemic began, a series of “unfortunate events” started to surface.

All the deaths caused by the pandemic and the wars that are constantly blooming each day are signals of how hard it would be when the world takes its turn to let humanity know that it is suffering.

Crisis Awareness

Awareness is a vital aspect of facing any challenge in life. It is best to do research on your enemy and be prepared than to face a foe who is a stranger to you. When one is aware of the escalation of events, one is duly prepped for what might become of them should there be an attack.

Response Strategy

When the pandemic was first declared, nobody believed it to be true. Some countries were still confidently open to receiving tourists and migrants coming from all parts of the world, while others followed immediate strict lockdown protocols to prevent further infections among their citizens. This showed how a strong foundation of protocols and strategies affects a country’s community. The leaders who lead with greed are those who care less for their people. However, the leaders who lead with strong will and a heart for service will always get through any rough patches that are thrown against them.

Crises that bloomed from the many unprecedented events come at you unexpectedly. It is best to observe crisis awareness and have a good response strategy in preparation for what might become of you whenever unfortunate things happen. 

“It is apart from that you fall, and together that you will shine.”

by D L Davies

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