The Wrath of Pollution

The world is constantly fighting for its survival. From day into day out, the immense tug of war between nature and industrialization is affecting the world so much more than most people are thinking. With the amount of destruction caused by the excess waste circling the globe, it has become too overwhelming for even mother nature to handle alone. The wrath of pollution is not caused by a deity, nor it is induced by any natural phenomena. The wrath of pollution stems from Human beings, the only species able to demolish entire civilizations with just a click of a finger.  

When pollution strikes its claim over our world, it is we who will face its terrible consequences. We need to find ways and take action toward making the world a better place to live in. I have repurposed the use of the three Rs of waste management to lessen the impact of pollution on planet Earth:


Reduce all the unnecessary habits you already have. Do you love to buy clothes a lot? Do you like to purchase plasticware and stuff you really don’t need? Well, it’s time for you to rethink your habits and REDUCE time, effort, and even any thought to the routines that will do the environment more harm than it does good.


Reuse your belongings! Your clothes, utensils, sheets, or appliances are just a few of the things you can heavily reuse over and over. It is never too late to have that broken television repaired or have someone stitch your shoes back together. But to reuse is to maximize potential. Reuse your energy to make your life more productive and efficient. Make the most out of everything, even yourself! 


When you have things beyond reusing, you usually end up with empty shells or broken glass. But remember, recycling is not limited to the things around you. Recycle your thoughts and never let them go disregarded, my friend. Your thoughts are what make you who you are. There are ideas that are products of random brainstorming or maybe those who emerged from daydreaming. The best way to deal with these thoughts is to put them aside and wait for the perfect moment when they could be applicable in any way. 

Environmental pollution is constantly burning down habitats, flooding cities, and terrorizing animals into hiding. But when you equip yourself with a mentality of the three Rs: Reducing your bad habits, Reusing your energy, and Recycling your thoughts, you provide yourself with a battle plan to fight against the wrath of pollution.

by D L Davies

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