Fiction to Reality

In a universe where not all things are fully explored, is reality really what it seems to be? Or is it just a word made up by a skillful creator from a different dimension? 

When one is doubtful of his or her life, one is given sight to what is beyond the tangible environment we see each day. When we attribute fantastic worlds or make-believe stories to our world, we inculcate a sense of alien knowledge we cannot find within this reality alone. 

Did you ever experience having consumed a fairly long fictional story from a movie or a book and then thought you might have similar abilities to the characters in that story? You may think you are living with wolves and vampires or wizards and warlocks. Or maybe you imagine yourself as an orphan whose biological parents are king and queen of specific land. Comparing fiction to reality is a trivial challenge. Some children, when introduced to the world of fiction far too early, can display a wrong sense of reality. This may also happen in adults in the form of delusions, disassociations, and hallucinations and can utterly affect one’s understanding of life.

However, it is those who understand the scope to which the power of fictitious imagination can greatly contribute to our society. 

Air vehicles such as airplanes are proof of how powerful can fiction be. With the dream of being able to fly, man did all he could to create a pair of wings to ride on. In a matter of years, then came the birth of the first airplane built by the infamous Write brothers in 1903. On another note, Artificial intelligence was something we thought we would only see in movies. But around the mid-1900s, we were introduced to a new set of technology that later rapidly advanced the world.

Wow, imagine that. The comparison of fiction to reality is bordered by a thin line where ideas start in the former and actualize in the latter. How amazing is that!

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