Survival 101

Do you imagine a world where the apocalypse has occurred? When zombies roam around the corners of what we used to call our hometown or when people are constantly wearing gas masks to try to live through another day in a toxic atmosphere?

Maybe a world where robots with advanced developed artificial intelligence are seeking to dominate the world is causing riots to eliminate all of the human race? A reality in which we strive to live another day without getting hurt or even starving while in the process of finding a safe place. A reality where we fear every single thing in the world.

You might only see these things in movies. However, they are not far from possible. With the modern technology and the highly advanced tools humanity is developing, each and every time closer to insanity, oblivion awaits on the other side.

 And when things take a turn for the worse, it is important to know the basics of surviving. And here, my friends, is a guide for Survival 101:

Food and Water. Supplying your body with its appropriate fuel to help you move and function is of utmost importance when you want to survive. Hunting for a supply of food and water is the first step to securing a future in a reality where everything is basically destroyed.

Security and Safety. When you are able to refuel, rest is the next thing you will need. To rest is to feel secure, and to feel secure is to be safe from any threat while unconscious. Finding a place away from any danger is the next necessity you will need to consider.

Companionship. In trying times, having someone to talk to is vital to keep you motivated and sane. 

According to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, these are the top three vital aspects that one is prompted to satisfy should there be a time of crisis. Isolation, inadequate supplies, and environmental disarray are a few things that are threatening our needs. Knowing the tips of Survival 101 can contribute significantly to you living another day.

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