Taking for Granted

Never take for granted the things that are easy to come by because it is when we do so that they start to go away. 

Have you ever heard of the song Let Her Go by Passenger that goes, 

“…You only miss the sun when it starts to snow….” 

This line perfectly embodies what it means to take things as they are. The constant assurance that the sun will always be there to shine for us just because we have lived through our lives with the sun burning without fail will lead us to make conclusions that the sun will always burn bright even on our darkest days.

Taking for granted the things we ought to be taking care of will greatly impact our lives. When we step into this world, we are greeted by the warm embrace of our family members waiting for us on the other side of the room. Frequently, we do not see how our families play a role in our development. And then we tend to treat them badly, thinking they’ll always be there whenever and wherever the circumstances bring us. But like everything else in this world, those who are given life must soon perish at the hands of death. In other words, everyone we know, our families, friends, and even the strangers we pass by daily, are bound to leave this mortal world soon enough. 

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry” – Thomas Fuller.

You’ll never truly feel the sun’s warmth until you start to appreciate the things you are always taking for granted. Everyone and everything has a time limit to exist in this world. When we stop disregarding these little details of our actions, we start to ponder and appreciate their roles in our lives.

“We tend to take things for granted that we’ve had for long periods of time. Take a moment to appreciate the person in your life. Realize why you are with them. Take a moment with them and really be in that moment completely.” – Pandora Box.

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