What the Youth has to Say

There are special days in a country when people come to gather and become one. Some countries have what they call festivals, while others have holidays and rituals to share with one another. There are places that are specially built for people to come around and share a time with one another through rituals or formal gatherings. Places like city plazas or town squares, and even churches! But, despite all the attempts to include every individual, there are communities that place a boundary of credibility for one to speak his own opinions. Social classifications, racism, and gender discrimination are three of the common major limitations that are found in our societies. And now, in the light of social media, people fail to hear what the youth has to say:

Stop and Look. For once, it is crucial we take a step back and pause our lives to see what is really going on with the world. In doing so, we create a chance for us to see the world in a different light.

Listen. Once we have had our fair share of observations and reflections, we need to lean into the world a bit more and listen. Listen to the whispers and the cries of the land. What we see is a reflection of the things we know. However, our surroundings are more than just tangibly existing; they are filled with little details, secrets, and information that can be extracted with words rather than our sight.

Learn. We learn the things that amuse us, and we learn from the things that hurt us. This world, cruel or not, is filled with chances that save us from our doom. Today’s children have what it takes to see, feel, and hear their surroundings. It is high time we start to learn from them and appreciate their existence as we would have loved to be appreciated when we were children.

Our children have the potential to make or break our future. We train them well and adequately foster them in tender care; we will get good men and women when they grow old. What the youth has to say is something that concerns not only them but all of us.

It’s been said that the children are the hope of our nation.

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