Doing the Right Thing

When the universe shows signs of chaos and disagreement, little things start to become affected. Just like when the global economy goes up, inflation in smaller countries goes higher as well. From the madly expensive gasoline fuels to the overly priced essential goods, people who have been going by with a simple life to lessen consumable expenses are starting to suffer more and more as days go by.

You will witness how people of power, wealth, and those of great fortune are having grand parties and overspending for luxury while the working class is starting to take a declining step as central market prices increase. You will see how injustice, corruption, and inequality come to Life through influential people, and you will live a life filled with hatred and fear of the things that you know might kill you one day. However, in times like these, we must be men and face the battles that await us. Doing the right thing will never be easy. It takes courage, strength, and will.

Courage. For when you need to stand, despite the terrors that await you. It is the courage to guide you and allow you to see hope that there is still a way to rise despite a tragedy.

Strength. For when you are ready to stand and fight for what you know is right. It is the strength that will get you on your feet to face your due battle. 

Will. For when you are already standing there, terrified, maybe not. For that moment, when you start to doubt the cause you are fighting for. It is will that will keep you going, helping you to keep your heads up and think straight. Will is your spirit, your drive, and your hope.

It is no doubt that when you start doing the right thing, you gain something priceless. You gain honor, prosperity, and security. You earn the respect of those around you and live rightfully with a clean conscience.

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