Life after the Fall

Do you ever sit and wonder what the world will be 50 years from now? Will you still be alive? Will you be living your Life’s greatest dream and see your grandchildren playing in your house? Or will you be a ghost, floating mid-air and watching your loved-ones grieve for you?

You see, Life does not give you a particular schedule for when you will become successful or when you will lose everything you have in your possession. It will always require you to bargain anything you can to become someone who will make you feel worthwhile or unique. However, not many know the complexity, which sometimes turns to complications, that make Life turn and turn and turn. What about Life after the fall? What about disasters and inevitable chaos? What about loss?

While most carefree people enjoy a good laugh at nightclubs or social gatherings, most people work day and night only to survive from paycheck to paycheck on a monthly basis. While other people? Well, they don’t have it good as the rest of us.

The typical mindset of someone living in the 21st century is focused on the present. Satisfaction and security are all sought with a temporary cause, and only a few strive for a better future.

What is the purpose of humanity? What are we all living our lives for? Will this world become permanently hooked on technological innovations while disregarding the amount of unnecessary waste produced each day? Will the global economy continue to put up with the rising prices of goods and drive poverty into death’s hands?

A saying goes, “What comes up must come done.” Eventually, this rising civilization will be trapped in a ring of fire where every individual is imprisoned within the holds of technological advancement. Then Life after the fall will hit. It will hit so hard that no one will ever see it coming.

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