A Dystopian World

The world is set ablaze with the flames of death and turmoil. By and large, on all the unfair drudgery and unkind hearts, the threats of corruption and global decline have driven billions of lives into poverty. The future is amid our doorsteps, and the only thing stopping us from meeting our doom is the longstanding fight for what is left of our humanity.

 What should you expect in a dystopian world? Ahh… you must expect the worst, my friend. In general circumstances, a post-apocalyptic reality involves matters of survival and the constant fear of uncertainty.

Survival. When everything crumbles and every source of food, water, and shelter has been demolished, everyone will have no choice but to be a hunter. Just as our forefathers became huntsmen in search of prey to feed their families, Life’s journey will come into a full circle, resetting the world to what it once was, savagery and survival.

Fear and Uncertainty. Accompanying what seems to be a terribly dangerous world, those who have survived for so long will live in fear every day. That constant anxiety haunts every move at every hour or every day, always waiting for something terrible to happen as if nothing is ever secure in dreadful places.

Real-life actions always have real-life consequences. Be they good or be they bad, all our deeds done will eventually pay off in the future… or not. When we live in a dystopian world, we witness and realize all the evil and terrible things that make a horrible present. The results we bring to this planet based on our actions today pose a significant threat. Despite the disregard for the world’s battle cry for salvation from all the inhumane acts we do each day, there is a dark tomorrow awaiting our signal to be unleashed unto the Earth.

by D L Davis, author of Gee

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