Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things Good

The world we live in is made of both good and evil. The moment we step into the sun and feel the tingling heat on our skin, we know that a greater force is watching and guiding us into every step of our lives. Religions all over the world have a name for this unseen force we know is in our hearts. For Christianity, they call ‘Him’ God the Father. For the Muslim, ‘He’ is referred to as Allah, and for the Mayan empire, Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things Good, is the one of ultimate power that protects them and provides for them the abundance of life.

However, there is always an opposing force to good. Whatever you call the devil, Satan, or whatever other name he goes by, the Foul Lord is present in this world whether we like it or not. He drives all the negative possibilities in this world, trying to destroy all of Father Viracocha’s creations.

“The Foul Lord hates his Creator because the negative energy he has become only holds hate, and not love, so he tries to destroy and pollute all things that Father Viracocha has made. He seeks ruin because he finds no joy except in the destruction of others. He moves mostly among men, leaving strife, sickness, and sorrow in his wake and when he does not have Man to make miserable he causes much evil among all others that also share this world with the human race” -Cuauhtémoc: Deception and Treason

Despite this, it is important to keep in mind that the good always triumphs. For, in this world, good deeds are rewarded far more than evil ones. Life is a constant battle between light and dark, and the light always wins.

Father Viracocha, the Lord of all things good, created the world of flesh and the Foul Lord moved within this world and began to contaminate it with his evil presence and he has twisted what was once pure and beautiful into a place that is now defiled beyond logic.

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