A Holistic Life

A person can embark on a long, arduous, and ultimately complicated quest to achieve perfection. The path of least resistance is rare and despite all the repercussions along the way, to be perfect is something that doesn’t come as easily as learning how to walk when you were a baby. Life is filled with all the different possibilities a person could ever think of. But only a holistic life would lead you to your ultimate destination.

What does it mean to live a holistic life, and how can you go about learning how to do so? Well, holistic life is what I call a realized life. A life of awareness and integrity, a life of soothing individuality looking into all aspects of being. Lucky for you, I’ve listed down the different ways to view life in reflection.

Physical view. The physical self is the most obvious one. You always know whenever you feel something is wrong. Feeling sick? Have an injured leg? Looking into your physical being will allow you the benefits of maintaining your bodily health.

Mental view. Your mentality is what defines your personality. The way you think, your virtues, and your principles are what make you, you! Looking into your mental aspect can allow your mind to open up and accept the unexpected.

Emotional view. As important as mentality is, there is also an emotional aspect to things and especially for people. The way you respond to events like change and adversity is how your emotional state is. Knowing what to feel and how to deal with it will allow you to be an established individual who knows what to act, when to act, and why.

Spiritual view. The spirit is as powerful as life is. Your spirit gives you the energy to believe that you exist. Despite all evil that may try to take you away from who you truly are, you ward them off and radiate a strong stand of what you believe in. The spirit is considered your soul. Take good care of it and your soul will become strong.

Social view. No man deserves to face everything alone. A strong foundation is built around a community of trust. You need not put yourself in places you aren’t comfortable with. Just as birds of the same feather flock together, your companions are there to support you. 

This limitless world that knows no bounds allows individuals to give their all in everything that they do. Thus, striving to be perfect is striving to live a holistic life.

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