What is Creativity?

Human creativity is quite an extraordinary aspect of civilization. We see the products of creation everywhere we go. We are exposed to the buildings, roads, furniture, and even tools to countless wonderful humanly design. Creativity is a beautiful ability; keeping it burning will require a focus and determination to see new things in life. Hence, here is a list of strategies to keep your creativity active:

Step 1. Learn new techniques
Who said imitation (for practice) is not creativity in and on itself? Artists worldwide produce work that may have been derived from a style from a previous artist. This is how creating masterpieces have been throughout the timelines. The process of knowing the technique used is a technical way of viewing things. There is no harm done in imitating works for practicing… just remember to credit the original piece should you post it on your socials, or maybe not post it at all. Plagiarism is bad!

Step 2. Set yourself in the mood
Setting yourself in the current state of your environment will foster a sense of being grounded in reality. Having creativity flourish from a firm grip on one’s existence can lead to many discoveries and realizations. Aside from knowing where you currently stand, this step allows you to go beyond your boundaries. No human is limited to himself; the sky is not the limit, and the universe is infinite.

Step 3. Unlearn everything
Well, you won’t get anywhere with creating pieces identical to someone else’s work, right? After learning a couple of techniques, it is essential to strip yourself off of the exact process and start to create your own original technique. This step will take the longest, so do not rush yourself!

Human creativity is a gift of the ability to create something that includes originality, extraordinariness, and worthwhile processes. There are so many ways to enhance our creativity. Considering the factors that contribute to highly creative individuals, we can foresee how creativity can be fostered by anyone and anywhere. To enhance creativity, one must accept their current abilities and skills. There will be no room for improvement unless you start making room. Foster imagination, find inspiration, create momentum.

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