Yin Yang, the Balance

This universe is made of different ideologies that encompass every being and non-being within it. Both true and false, a facet of everything we could ever think of and hope for. The duality of this concept, necessarily having one thing for the other to exist, is held within the symbol of the Yin Yang, the balance of the world and everything it contains.

For every up, there is a down; for joy, there is also sadness. As such, the foundation of reality is built on an essential pair. One can live with evil while still having goodness in him, or he could live in pure goodness and still have a speck of evil within him. This is a common thing observed within individuals. When karma, both good and bad, take their turn blessing and curing people around the world, one cannot exist without the other; or when happiness is substituted by eventual grief. Being able to recognize one by the absence of the other and vice versa. Just like experiencing darkness in the absence of light.

There is a balance, a factor that levels the momentum of life. Such that flowers cannot thrive without bees, fishes cannot live without water, and trees cannot grow without their roots. The coexisting chain of nature leads to humanity being unable to live without Mother Earth. Factors that line up and become one in an attempt to unify the universe with peace and just are founded on a pair of elements, constantly interacting to give life to this reality we are living in.

Thus, a view into the world of the Yin yang, the balance between everything and everyone. A sight of true strength and power, the Yin yang is realized by only a few. On people who have opened their eyes to the world. A world beyond this reality and looking toward a better future for everyone on this planet.

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