Qualities of a Good Leader

Being a leader is an extensive responsibility given to a person to lead for a better tomorrow. Being a leader is imposed on you by a particular group. A fact that means being a leader is earned through proof of words and action as witnessed by the people. This title is rewarded to those who strive for goodness and peace, just as Cuauhtémoc would for the Maya. Want to know why having a good leader is so important? Then it is high time that you get to know what the qualities of a good leader are!

Below is a list of green flags that good leaders commonly do.

– Puts the safety of the group above anything else

A good leader always ensures the safety of his people no matter the situation. Protecting the people is a priority that must be met before any plan would push through. Any force that has harmed or will harm his people is always considered an enemy.

– Knows his people by heart

What better way to develop new plans than to know who the plans are for. Knowing his people, their personalities, problems, and dreams will allow a leader to be aware of the right motivation that will drive their population to thrive.

– Accepts opinions and constructive criticism

No leader wants stagnation. In doing so, he learns to be progressive with his ways throughout his life. He knows he isn’t perfect. Significant steps or small steps, he accepts criticism when it is due and listens to the opinions of those around him. 

– Knows how to communicate effectively

Communication plays a crucial role in being a leader. The ability to precisely deliver a message with all thought and intent towards the receiver forms strong bonds, even in an international exchange. This is an essential aspect of leadership as it shapes interpersonal relationships and allows them to thrive.

As citizens of our nations, we must know what kind of leaders we want to have and follow. Being aware of this can significantly affect our countries and the people living within them. Understanding the qualities of a good leader is just one step of actually having good leaders around you.

“There is a thing called blind obedience as well as another called intelligent obedience. If laws are cruel and harsh to the people of the land then those who enforce these cruel and harsh laws are themselves cruel and harsh. Just because one rules a nation does not mean that one is wise and just. There is a thing every ruler knows in his heart but at times conveniently forgets: he is a leader only for as long as his people follow. I know very little about your king and your people but you may want to consider these words and see if you find wisdom in them.” – Cuauhtémoc, Descendant of the Jaguar

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