What is Grief?

Inevitable things happen in our lives, those of which we may not be prepared to happen ever. Despite how much we try to think of ways to make things better, the fates seem to get their way and deliver events just how they want them; it may be the loss of a loved one or the tragic death of someone dear to us. This becomes a bad thing for humans. Dealing with all the sorrow and the weak moments, some may have conquered but most just fall. This brings us to the question, “What is Grief?”

We feel, and we feel hard. We love, and we love hard. Grief is the deep sadness caused, especially by someone’s loss. The painful spank of reality when you realize that life will not be the same anymore. As such, we commonly experience the stages of grief in the process of denial, anger, and acceptance. First, we deny reality because we do not want to claim the event’s truth. Then we realize it is just as valid as it can be and get angry with everyone for not doing something about it. Yet, finally, we accept the truth of it all. We acknowledge that things will not be the way they are again and that changes will eventually take the place of that empty space.

Grief is something we cannot be prepared enough to face. Loving someone and losing them means losing a part of your soul, of your life. However, seeing grief as something we hold as a tribute for the one we loved rather than letting it consume us as a whole is one way to address this painful truth.

“Sometimes, I think we mortals make too many plans, setting things exactly so in our minds, as we labor for a specific goal. I also believe that Viracocha opens doors that we may walk through and reach our desires but watching the one door that we think is good; we often miss yet other doors which leads us to the same thing, but in a much better way; or sometimes, to a better thing entirely.” – Cuauhtémoc, Cuauhtémoc: Descent of the Sun Priests.

What is grief? It is holding a particular needle inside our heart in remembrance of the people we’ve lost is one way to put it. An act of love and an act of respect. We must allow ourselves the pain that our body, mind, and spirit so long to feel, all for the sake of our dear ones who are not with us anymore.

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