Facing a Stronger Foe

There are times that you may feel like you’ve already been defeated even before the battle has begun. When you’re up to facing a stronger foe, losing your fighting spirit to the extent of surrender is relatively easy. Attempting to avoid any impending doom, your spirit cower behind whatever cover they can find and leave you in the dreadful predicament you’re in, unsure of what to do. But hear me this, no greater shall be any of your foes if you have the greater hold of your own sanity, spirit, and strength. In other words, if you have stronger control over your own self, no one will be able to surpass you.

“The great Mayan calendar predicted; a child will be born of great abilities, and he will heal nations. We have presumed the healing was of the physical self, of the body, but somehow we forgot there are also healings of the mind as well as of the spirit, and we should not have overlooked that healings can be of all three.” – Cuauhtémoc, Descent of the Sun Priests

In the second book of the Cuauhtémoc series, Cuauhtémoc takes on enemies that exceed their capabilities as a nation. He worked tirelessly to provide the finest defense possible for their territory despite this. In the end, he was able to relinquish all the individuals stained with evil and rid the land of any attacking pirates. 

When seen from a different viewpoint, combat of brute power and no spirit is nothing more than a struggle between two machines. It’s just a quarrel with no emotion, no drive, and no soul. However, no man has ever been considered a failure for battling with sincere motives and a clean soul. Regardless of the outcome of a righteous conflict, it is a struggle waged with one’s desire, his soul. Sooner or later, that man who fights at his will shall succeed in every way possible. In this case, facing a stronger foe would only serve to bolster one’s will to fight.

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