What Does it Mean if Someone Says You have Potential?

Do you ever wonder what that amazement you feel when you encounter someone that catches your attention? Maybe at ball games, in the theater, or even inside your workspace. The little things people show you, be it at making art, singing, calculating, or even with their speed and accuracy, are just a few of the things that catch you impressed off guard. But what does it mean if someone says you have potential?

Seeing potential in a person means seeing abilities or qualities that may be shaped and molded into something great in the future. With the possibility of being successful and valuable in a particular aspect of life, a potential possesses the initial characteristics to become a great person.

Well, everyone we meet in life has their own version of potential. Potential for a future doctor? A future engineer? And even potential for a future artist! A person with potential is easy to come by.

But what does it truly mean when a person holds potential? How can this be realized into something it was meant to be?

Well, that’s simple. You acknowledge your passion. That potential is within you for a reason, and that reason is passion. Passion drives a person to continue pursuing a specific skill, idea, or goal. Success will be inevitable if you are passionate enough and equipped with the proper support.

But of course, it continuously varies from person to person. One’s success may have a different meaning from another; however, the process stays the same. No success is accomplished without hardship and the downfalls one experience is just a few steps toward his goal.

What does it mean if someone says you have potential? When you start developing this potential into the best thing it can be, you know you have it. No matter what it is, potential coming into reality is something few have dared take into their hearts. Now it is time for you to shape yours, too!

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