The Step of an Eagle

The step of an eagle is but a limited set.
With great wings and sharp eyes,
this animal of wisdom is patient and precise;
only taking action when it is time.

With their massive wings, they glide over mountains and valleys as they swoop down on their prey, scanning the landscape for anything that could be lurking in its path. A magnificent creature, indeed; divine? Maybe. However, the Aztecs, on the other hand, see an eagle as more than just a wild animal. It’s a sign of power, aggression, and a desire to be the best. The Eagle is a fearsome and formidable fighter, a daunting defender of its people. And, in Mayan symbolism, this animal also represents clarity and a reflective mind as a way to reach one’s own inner knowledge. The Mayans saw this beauty as a symbol of enlightenment and a road to wisdom in a frequently cruel and perplexing world.

This magnificent beast’s symbolism may be interpreted in three very similar ways. However, what does it take to be recognized as a force comparable to that of an eagle?

Stand brave and true.
There will always be challenges in your life that try to drain you of your energy. In these instances, one can either avoid or confront the threat. An eagle’s way of life entails maintaining your ground at all costs possible. When you have faith in your own abilities, you can overcome any obstacle and complete any task. If you stay true to who you are, you’ll have a steady mind and be less susceptible to doubts and fears.

Don’t turn your back on the weak.
Instead of disregarding the people who are weaker than you, teach them how to be strong on their own. Like an eagle nurturing its young, you can influence so many people if only you put yourself into the task.

Always seek clarity
An eagle possesses a powerful vision. A crystal clear sight of everything within its range. In following the step of an eagle, one must seek clarity. A vision of truth, justice, and peace. When it comes to finding a better world, being strong and powerful will only get you so far. Instead, one should always strive to see the broader picture and all those involved.

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