Your Viracocha’s Power Hug

Picture this out: You are on a beautiful beach with white sand spread as far as the eyes can see and nowhere was there spot or blemish or hideous red streak and the ocean’s water was peaceful and calm.

You notice the sun leaving its position and moving before you, and you look upon a form. The form of Viracocha, or whichever god you wish to come face to face with. The Greatest One. You bend your right knee to the sand. From your lips, an affirmation flows that you have done what you are supposed to do and have kept your vow to the best of your ability.

The Greatest One, your Viracocha, creator of the universe and of the elements, asks you to speak of your heart’s desires, and if it is within His power to give, it shall be yours. But you have no further needs because you have been filled by the overflowing love of the Greatest One, your Viracocha, god of the sun and of storms.

Again, your Viracocha, god of time and civilization itself, asks if there’s anything your heart has ever wanted. You see any more than the outline of his face, but you locate those eyes – those compassionate eyes – and in there find kindness and love in a dance. You respond that you could use a hug. Being hugged by the Uncreated Creator is like no other hug has ever been, or can ever be. You have always dreamt of cleansing.

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