We are Brothers

We are brothers in numerous ways. We are brothers not because of an accident of birth but because we wish it. We attach to both vices and virtues. We connect to nature and the cosmic realm. We only have a few things dissimilar in us; that is, we are of different nations.

Even if we are not the same age, with an intergenerational gap to consider, and that we have different skin tones, height measurements, body build, we have discovered that despite these few things that are not the same, we have the same heart within us for we both love good food, good company, the good life.

For males, the sight of a beautiful girl walking by is always met with ardor. For females, the sight of a handsome boy coming one’s way is met with adulation. The sound of birds singing, the smell of petrichor, the music produced by the wind among pine tree needles – and yes, there is a name for that: psithurism – are some of the things that delight us beyond measure.

The reality of a God, the warmth and infallibility of Father Inti, as believed among Incans, for example, raises the level of our spirituality.

We also share a common hate of evil in all its forms; for example, pirates who raided and killed our ancestors and people; deception and treason hewn by colonizers; the abomination of so-called sun priests. We have far more in common than not; and for this reason, we are brothers.

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