Of a Birdman’s Predetermination and True-heartedness

Once one gets to worship Father Inti, obedience in all things becomes second nature. The worshipper dedicates to doing the best to serve Father Inti.  It throbs with the zeal to serve the Emperor and his children, both locally and to the far extents of the Emperor’s kingdom, and be allowed to do all that one can to work for the Emperor and all of his children – long and happy lives – as one is able.

The birdman, for example, now understands that the job Inti has made him for entails obeisance to the monarch; the job that makes him the happiest.  The birdman can think of no greater reward and he will accept nothing less.

With such commitment and zealousness, the Emperor may react by staring at the birdman for long moments as understanding would come to him. The birdman would lovingly return the gaze and then in an exceedingly graceful flow of motion, the birdman would drop to his knees and then down onto his face. In joyful subordination, the birdman would cradle his monarch’s left foot between his hands and press his cheek against his instep.  In Incan sensitivities, this is an ultimate expression of love and devotion. It is expected that the Emperor would look upon his child who is down in deferential respect, and tears would begin to trickle down his, perhaps, already weathered cheeks for such display of ardor and allegiance; tears to drop unnoticed onto the back of the birdman’s head.

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