Gifted to be a Birdman

Every once and a while we are confronted by our purpose, our pivotal role in the grand design of things; in cosmic symphony.

In the Incan perspective, when Father Inti made a person, he must have created one for a special job, and that he gave one the greatest abilities so that one is able to do this job well. One is able to perform his special role in the grand scheme of things and define meaning and purpose to his existence.

Being a birdman, for example, gives the greatest joy of all to one who connects to this purpose. The special job has something to do with flying which literally gets one closer to a heavenly sphere while fulfilling the role of delivering messages from village to village.

If one birdman were to chisel an epitaph for himself, he would have stated that one once held the noblest job in the world: that of being a birdman. It is a job an Incan community held high in respect, although not many parents were quite that enthusiastic in sending their children to birdman training.

A birdman read the winds by the way the clouds floated by. From the looks of a cloud from the northeast blown steady, a birdman determines this is the best wind possible when one wishes to fly south.

Flying to fulfill a job makes one happiest. It is said that a man who is happy in his work has found the job Inti made for him.

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