Books do Strike like Eagles

Some books are personal picks. Some books are required readings. Some plots stick. Some are fleeting. But every once in a while, there is always that book which swallows a reader whole. It strikes like talons of descending eagles. Its messages are sharper than untamed claws of eagles tearing skin and flesh.

For readers who adore indigenous wisdom, such as the imprints of Incan civilization of Peru, books on tribal wisdom sow a renewed faith in humanity, in old systems that exalt the value and dignity of family, community, respect for nature and nature-worship, deities and divinity – tradition.

Its story grips like talons of eagles striking into every reader, leaving welts in the heart: impressions of a lifetime!

For example, knowledge is given to all so that it might be shared for all, not kept to one. Every person who values this teaching will pass it on to their children. Thus, knowledge takes on the pattern of infinity, that which can’t be broken down. Instead, it’s passed on in various forms with varied levels of intensity and impact to the receiver.

As a tribe, people thrive through a nurturing nature. No problem is ever so bad that hugs and pats would not cure. This is another example of valuable indigenous teaching.

When governance systems, flight or transport, or even writing doesn’t work, Incan wisdom underscores. If it doesn’t work, all we have lost is time but even that isn’t wasted if we have learned something.

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